Santa Monica

The Santa Monica College Board of Trustees has voted to ask the county Board of Supervisors to either establish a divestiture policy or set aside an investment pool for school and community college districts that do not wish their funds invested in institutions doing business in South Africa. The Santa Monica College District invests about $2 million in a pool of funds operated by the county treasury.

The measure was approved by a vote of 4 to 1 with two abstentions. Trustees Anne Peters, Colin Petrie, Blyden Boyle and James Bambrick voted for the measure. Ilona Katz opposed it and Fred Beteta and Carole Currey abstained.

The trustees also agreed to tell other districts of their actions and to inform Gov. George Deukmejian of their support for the divestiture of state pension funds. They also made it a policy to put the college's financial assets in institutions that strive to invest in countries that do not violate human rights.

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