Illinois Senate Tentatively Approves Plan for Lighting Up Wrigley Field

Associated Press

Flashing more signs than a third-base coach, the Illinois Senate gave tentative approval Thursday to a plan allowing the Chicago Cubs to light up Wrigley Field for postseason play and as many as 18 regular-season games.

The 46-10 endorsement of the plan was the Senate’s fifth vote within a half-hour on the issue of lights at Wrigley Field, the only major league ballpark where night games aren’t played.

The vote came a few minutes after the House rejected a bid to overturn a state law and Chicago city ordinance that prohibit night ball at the 71-year-old North Side stadium.

The plan to allow 18 regular-season night games was offered by Senate Republican Leader James (Pate) Philip of Elmhurst as a compromise between the anti-lights group and the Cubs.


However, the Chicago City Council would retain veto power over night baseball under its 1983 ordinance prohibiting evening events at Wrigley.

If passed by the Senate, Philip’s plan likely will run into strong opposition in the House, which on Wednesday had given preliminary approval to a plan allowing only temporary installation of lights for postseason games.