West Covina

Funds for six additional police officers are included in West Covina's new $30.1-million budget, which took effect last week. The spending plan for fiscal 1985-86, which also calls for major street improvements, reflects a 2.8% increase over last year's expenditures, said Ross Heaton, assistant to the city manager.

"The most significant aspect of this budget is our ability to maintain the same services with some of the mandated cuts we're facing," Heaton said, referring to the potential loss of federal revenue sharing funds, which are scheduled to end in September, 1986. However, largely because of increases in sales and property taxes, city revenue is expected to rise next year by 11.4%, to $33 million.

Heaton noted that the Police Department will add three patrol officers and one detective corporal this year, the first increase in the detective bureau staff since 1973. Funding for two additional officers will come from a state grant. This will give the Police Department 108 sworn law enforcement personnel, Heaton said.

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