Just how do Sheila Benson, David Ansen, Vincent Canby, Gene Shalit and assorted other clowns get away with calling themselves "critics"?

The new flick "Back to the Future" is, according to Benson, "big, cartoonish and empty, with an interesting premise that is underdeveloped and overproduced" ("An Underpowered Trip 'Back to the Future,' " July 3).

The same film (gee, I guess they saw the same film), as reviewed by Jack Kroll of Newsweek: ". . . a true American comedy, with the sweet wit and benevolent bite of Preston Sturges and Frank Capra . . . the smartest, sweetest, funniest comedy in many summers."

Who do these ninnies think they're fooling? The rifts between their supposed expert analysis would envelop the Grand Canyon. In the future, I want to see all reviews begin with the words "In my opinion . . . ," because, ladies and gentlemen, that's all you offer. A biased, personal opinion.


Van Nuys

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