Positive Changes in Coast Community College District

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and all of our students, staff and citizenry, I must take strong exception to Kenneth Fowler's letter (July 14).

He displays an appalling lack of insight and knowledge concerning district affairs. I do not believe he has attended a meeting of the Board of Trustees during the past two years, nor are college officials aware of any visits to any of our campuses during that period of time. He apparently is unaware that the Coast Community College District is alive and doing very well.

Over two years ago, district officials cited a budgetary deficit of several million dollars and initiated layoffs affecting over 100 faculty members. The district was torn asunder over indiscriminate board actions and confused priorities. A significant turnabout has occurred. We have undertaken a complete re-examination of all facets of our district, and with broadly based input from staff and students, many positive changes have been implemented. The aforementioned mythical deficit became a $7.2-million beginning balance for 1984-85. A similar figure will prevail for the fiscal 1985-86 period.

Equitable salary improvements have been initiated for most of our employees, and are under consideration for the balance. We are successfully pursuing a 30-month transfer plan for KOCE-TV (Channel 50), which will preserve the vital public broadcast services.

Fowler should talk with more people within the district rather than a small clique of community dissidents who continue to recycle their invalid criticisms. He would find that our district is permeated by a very positive spirit. There is a new level of cooperation.

Mr. Fowler, let us help you gain a more realistic perspective than you now have. Our board meetings are usually held on the first and third Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at district headquarters, 1370 Adams Ave., Costa Mesa. Our agenda format provides opportunity for participation by members of the community. Be assured of a warm welcome.



Board of Trustees

Coast Community College District

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