Mandatory Use of Seat Belts

Finally--it's almost here. It's too bad it wasn't here years ago. Current estimates state that less than 20% of licensed motorists wear seat belts. Those who don't are probably not aware of the considerable benefit to safety they bring.

Our office handled 274 traffic fatalities last year, and I guarantee that if all of them had been wearing seat belts, many of them would be enjoying life now. I have seen, firsthand, the deaths that could have been prevented by the use of seat belts.

Those of you who don't wear them, I hope will start before it is too late. I don't want to knock on your family's door in the middle of the night to inform them of your tragic death. Life is short enough, take a couple seconds to buckle up. I don't want to meet you or your family under those onerous circumstances.


Senior Deputy Coroner

Orange County


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