Religious Issue Hurled at Levine

Another phony issue! Congressman Mel Levine is still the master at evading meaningful issues!

In last year's 27th Congressional District race, Levine labeled challenger Rob Scribner a "right-wing extremist"--not because of Scribner's political views, but because of Levine . . . claims that Scribner received John Birch Society "support" and that the anti-communist Birch Society is a right-wing extremist organization; therefore, Rob Scribner is a right-wing extremist.

Levine boasted that he would make this the principal issue of the entire campaign, and he did.

Since the primary source of the 25-year smear of the JBS was and is the Communist Party International, be assured that the Kremlin applauded Levine's help in keeping the smear alive.

This year the JBS is no longer an issue (Scribner laid that to rest by attacking the society at campaign's end with vigor that exceeded Levine's).

However, according to Levine, Scribner is still a "right-wing extremist"--this time, because of his biblical views and belief that God wants him to run for Congress (Times, Aug. 8).

Is it really "right-wing extremism" for an office-seeker to unabashedly proclaim that he can best serve God by going to Washington and vote according to political, economic and social principles delineated in the Judeo-Christian scriptures?

Our nation's founders weren't afraid to seek God's help. Without intense prayer at the constitutional convention we would have ended up with 13 separate countries instead of the dynamic federated constitutional republic given us.

If Levine is charging more than religious extremism, he hasn't listened to what Scribner says. The truth is that Scribner takes many "new right" liberal positions and is not a solid "conservative" in the vein of a Dan Lungren or Bill Dannemeyer. At most, he is a "moderate" conservative, closer to a Bobbi Fiedler--which may be exactly what the 27th District needs.

Scribner's campaign last year focused on Levine's unbridled spending, but that real issue was buried beneath Levine's steady barrage of name-calling and do-gooder social rhetoric.

Two years of baloney is enough! The public wants to hear real, meaningful issues.

The main issue should still be Levine's fiscal irresponsibility in consistently voting--along with fellow Westside spendocrats Anthony Beilenson, Henry Waxman Howard Berman and Julian Dixon--for ever more spending, bigger government and higher taxes.

Their antics can only result in national socialism and, ultimately, Lenin's "new socialist world order"!

The question is: Should we rescue a fading, limited government set up under God's laws--by sending to Washington patriots who will reverse these spendocrats' suicidal direction?

Or, should we rest our faith on Levine's Almighty Big Government--and hope Mel finds someone to pay the ever-increasing bills after all of us taxpayers go broke?


Santa Monica

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