German Hotel Tip

About four years ago we clipped a reader's suggestion from Jerry Hulse's column on the attractiveness of Hotel Vierburgeneck in Germany. The following year and every year since then, my wife and I have stayed at this quaint and scenic place. Situated on the Neckar River, the view from the hotel includes an excellent view of a walled city and the ruins of four ancient castles, as well as of boats and barges chugging by.

It is a family-run hotel with immaculate rooms with bath at about $29 including a buffet breakfast, highlighted by home-baked pastries and homemade preserves and jams. And no wonder the hotel has such a fine table; Herr Schachten, the proprietor, is a master baker and his wife a master chef.

A photocopy of the 1981 L.A. Times article has a framed place of honor on a wall in the main hallway of the hotel. It's Hotel Vierburgeneck, 6901 Neckarsteinach bei Heidelberg, West Germany.


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