Boston College and Georgia Go to Another Ranking

The Colleges

It’s always sad to see once great teams on the decline. Who would have thought that Boston College (0-1) and Georgia (0-1) would still be winless at this point in the season? And leading the nation in defeats as well as tied for the Bottom Ten lead? Sad but true.

BC fell, 14-28, to BYU, whose program has improved since it dropped the requirement that only descendants of Brigham Young could play on its athletic teams.

Georgia, meanwhile, came through with a 16-20 loss to Alabumble. For the Crimson Wide, the victory meant ejection from their No. 19 spot in the Bottom Ten, which is no doubt why Coach Ray Perkins said: “I’m prouder of this victory than any victory I’ve ever been associated with.”

Elsewhere, Texas of El Wobbly Paso (UTEWP) dominated Air Force in the all-important time-of-possession category, 33 1/2 minutes to 26 1/2 minutes, though falling short in a few other statistical areas, such as the score, which was 6-48.

San Jose State was idle, crumbling, 21-48, before former Bottom Ten power Cal. And it’s been a lovely season for Coach Gerry Faust of Notre Dame (0-0).



The Rankled: Team, Record Last Week Next Loss 1. Boston Coll.(0-1) 14-28, BYU Temple 2. Georgia (0-1) 16-20, Alabumble Idle 3. Indiana (0-0) Idle Idle 4. San Jose St (0-1) 21-48, Cal New Mexico St. 5. UTEWP (0-1) 6-48, Air Force SMU* 6. Purdue (0-1) 30-31, Pitt Idle 7. Tulane (0-1) 12-38, Fla. State Idle 8. Wash. St. (0-1) 39-42, Oregon Idle 9. Navy (0-0) At sea N. Carolina 10. Minnehaha (0-0) Idle Idle 11. Hawaii (0-1); 12. Columbia (0-0); 13. Colorado (0-0); 14. Tie between Penn State (0-0) and Northwestern (0-0); 16. Rice (0-0); 17. Oregon State (0-0); 18. Utah State (0-0); 19. Idle; has not reported to camp; 20. Colorado State (0-0).EB

* Assuming SMU can suit up enough players.

ROUT OF THE WEEK: South Carolina over Appalachian State.

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Colorado vs. Colorado State (crummy traditional).

MILESTONE (pending): Bill Mallory was one win away from the magic 100 mark when he took his current coaching job a year ago. He’s still stuck at 99. He coaches at Indiana.

The Other Pros

Now that Miami’s Dan Marino has ended his holdout, the NFL regular season can begin. But it’s only proper to take a moment to reflect on the recently concluded USFL, and some of the lowlights it has provided over the last few years. After all, we may not always have the USFL around.

Aside from laughs, the league has contributed several pro football records, among them:

--Most consecutive paychecks not issued--three, San Antonio Gunslingers.

--Most consecutive years moving franchise, one team--three, Boston-New Orleans-Portland Breakers.

--The first team to play an entire season without an owner--Los Angeles-Reseda Express. (Distinction is contested by some Indianapolis Dolts fans.)

Some unforgettable moments:

--After signing with the Express, quarterback Steve Young predicts USFL will soon “fall by the wayside.”

--Frank Kush, hired to coach the Arizona Outlaws, says he looks forward to working for Arizona Bandits.

--Taking advantage of Denver Gold offer, 1,484 fans demand money back after one game.

--In one promotion, the Gunslingers offer $1,000 to owner of car with the loudest stereo.

--Upon taking over as owner of Denver, Doug Spedding orders opening of all players’ personal mail to create “a more businesslike atmosphere.”

--Express cheerleaders’ uniforms are seized by tailor in dispute over unpaid bills.

--"A group of untrained gerbils can play as well as that team,” then-owner Berl Bernhard says after Washington Federals’ loss.

--Trucking company holds Express equipment hostage for five months until back payment is made.

--San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros says Gunslingers aren’t good for city’s image after team puts all its players on waivers.

--Reseda Madness: Young, the Express’ $40-million quarterback, is inserted into 1985 final game at running back when team runs short of players.