Agoura Hills Camper Parking May Be Eased

A controversial parking regulation that prevents Agoura Hills residents from leaving large recreational vehicles in front of their homes during daylight hours may soon be eased.

The Agoura Hills City Council will vote next month on a revised ordinance that will allow camper owners to obtain a special permit to park on city streets while loading and unloading, city administrators said Friday.

Permits are expected to be available immediately if the change is approved Oct. 2, said Felicity Kidd, a city administrative aide.

City officials said they have restricted parking of recreational vehicles and trucks on residential streets for safety reasons and to control long-term vehicle storage of such trucks and trailers.

But the 9 a.m.-to-5 p.m. ban on “oversized vehicle” parking has been criticized by camper owners, who contend that they need to spend several hours preparing the vehicles for the road. The most time-consuming task involves parking the camper on a level spot so its refrigerator will begin working and can be packed for the trip.


The ordinance change, which will be drawn up this month by city lawyers, will also redefine oversized vehicles as those 20 feet or longer. Until now, vehicles longer than 18 feet were covered by the daytime parking ban.

Kidd said council members will determine whether a fee should be required for the permits, which will be good for up to 40 hours of parking.