It is Saturday night, well, actually Sunday morning. I have just come home from a day that started between breakfast and lunch--somewhere along the way I did three weddings, served 200 dinners and started the menu for tomorrow.

Wife and baby are sleeping, so I decide to read the paper, you know, to unwind. I always turn to Colman Andrews’ column first to read about what is going on in town, who is going where, and all the latest gossip.

I must say, he has a lot of nerve (Restaurant Notebook, “Rumblings of Mutiny in the Culinary Revolution,” Sept. 8). He should be thanking all the chefs in town for giving him something to write about.

If it wasn’t for us, he would be reviewing red-boothed steak houses in some beach rag for the rest of his life. If he is so bored with writing about California cuisine, why doesn’t he move to another state?



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