More on Drug Stings

I’m a plaintiff in the ACLU case that was filed to stop the San Diego Police Department from using undercover narcotics officers on high school campuses, so I read Linda Hills’ piece (“High School Drug Stings Do Not Work,” Aug. 25) with deep interest.

I agreed, totally, with her assessment that, although large numbers of arrests were made against a background of impressive newspaper headlines, nothing meaningful was done to solve the drug problems in our schools.

How could anything significantly meaningful be accomplished by planting spies in classrooms?

How secure can any of us be if we allow cops, pretending to be sophomores, to wave money in the halls, encouraging rather than discouraging our children’s involvement with drugs?


I became involved in this case so that I can help our community realize that, instead of violating students’ rights and creating distrust among them and preying upon their desires to be liked and accepted, we should work together in positive and constructive ways if we’re to ever make our schools drug-free.


San Diego