Kiss and Make Up

When I was in school, children were sent to the principal’s office for fighting in the halls. What happens to our elected officials when they fight in the halls of the state Capitol? Naturally, the people of California get the slap on the wrist.

Surely there has to be a better way for our state lawmakers to solve their differences than wasting taxpayer money and acting like schoolchildren!

How much money does it cost Californians to put a bill through the legislative process? How much more money is it going to cost to put all the legislation killed in the recent squabble between Assemblyman Peace and Sen. Alquist back through next year? It’s obvious that the only reason the Senate is killing Peace’s legislation is to retaliate against him for calling Sen. Alquist naughty names.

Come on guys! Kiss and make up! I personally don’t want my hard-earned tax dollars spent to kindle this feud.



El Cajon