Rosen Takes Over With Giants, Names Craig, Vows More Changes

Associated Press

Al Rosen put the last-place San Francisco Giants players on notice Wednesday that none of their jobs are safe and that changes will be coming as he takes on the challenge of turning the club around.

Rosen’s first move as president-general manager, replacing Tom Haller, was to name former Detroit pitching coach Roger Craig as field manager, replacing Jim Davenport. Rosen said he also will hire Bob Kennedy, his former assistant with the Houston Astros.

Rosen said that “1986 will be a year when the Giants will be competitive. We promise that. There will be changes made. I’m not afraid to change.”

Rosen said he will have more authority to shape the Giants because he will have financial responsibilities that Haller didn’t have. Haller was not offered another job with the club.

Rosen, 61, was the Houston Astros’ president and general manager from 1980 until last week, when he was fired.


Craig, 54, managed the San Diego Padres in 1978 and 1979 and was Detroit’s pitching coach under Manager Sparky Anderson but left the team after a salary squabble.