Metro Rail Project in L.A.

Consistency, thou are a jewel.

I read your paper daily and many times I have read an editorial viewing with alarm the mounting federal deficit. With that I agree, for we can not continue to spend more than we take in. But usually you are criticizing the Reagan Administration for the huge deficit when we all know that Congress does the spending and Democrats have controlled Congress for many years. Now I read that the debt will exceed $2 trillion soon.

Then I read that you are pleased that Los Angeles is to receive half a billion dollars to start its subway. And that is just the start.

No one has ever explained to me why the citizens of California outside of Los Angeles and the citizens of the other 49 states should pay for a subway to be used by the people of Los Angeles. Particularly when the federal government does not have the money but will have to borrow it. Why can not the people who will benefit from a subway pay for it? Issue bonds just as is done by others.



Laguna Hills