‘Porn Rock Make You Blush? It Should’

George F. Will--you really want to know what causes me to blush? Your middle initial for one thing. Please change it. It is offensive.

Passages from “Song of Solomon” also make me blush, as do passages from Joyce’s “Ulysses.” Years back, distinguished pseudo-sophisticates like yourself tried to suppress “Ulysses” and all they ever managed to do was give the book a legend to go along with its reputation as a masterpiece.

And today, you, George F. Will, would like to fight porn rock. Well let me add your porn rock commentary to the list of things that make me blush. I blush at the stupidity of it.

Look at the history of literature and know that there has always been lewd doggerel floating around. If it has nothing to sustain it but its shock value; it doesn’t survive very long anyway.


Commentaries like Will’s, however, give the vulgar lyrics of porn rock a little more attention and allow them to survive a little longer. Nice going, George. Keep up the “fight.”


Culver City