Uses of New Lanes on the Crowded Costa Mesa Freeway

I welcome your editorial about the Costa Mesa Freeway, which appeared just three months after the opening of the express lane on the 91 (Artesia) freeway.

I’ve been in many ride pools during the past 10 years and have always felt that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The new express lane is like the frosting on the cake. I will become very disappointed and discouraged if, in fact, this additional lane becomes another clogged-up lane on the freeway. The California Department of Transportation will have no alternative but to open up the extra lane if car or van pooling does not increase significantly.

One way to get maximum participation is to have all commuters call Commuter Computer and register with them.

I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t give up just a little personal freedom in order to get to and from work a little sooner--and a little saner.


After being part of the herd for the past 10 years, I and my fellow car poolers are ecstatic over the use of the express lane during the peak rush hours. We do not want the lane just for ourselves.

We all realize that the lane will be lost to the herd if more people don’t join us. I understand that if only 10% of those who ride by themselves just doubled up, all our problems would be solved.

It is hard to believe that most people wouldn’t want to cut down on their driving time and also save wear and tear not only on their cars, but also on their nerves. I would also think that people would have better things to spend their money on than more gas, oil, tires and brakes.

Just one more person in the car can cut down one’s driving and expenses by 50%. It also would help unclog freeway congestion and reduce smog in our city.


The message seems to be very clear. Unless we make some choices ourselves, it won’t be long before these choices will be made for us. So, don’t wait any longer. Get in the “express” lane now by calling Commuter Computer.


La Palma