Martin Sheen will star as police detective...

Martin Sheen will star as police detective Ed Zigo, the man who tracked down New York’s Son of Sam killer in 1977, in “Out of the Darkness,” a TV movie due to air on CBS on Oct. 12. The film follows not only the investigation but also Zigo’s personal life. Jennifer Salt co-stars as his wife.

Ralph Waite and Diane Ladd will play the parents of a teen-age girl who is imprisoned in a jail for adults in “Crime of Innocence,” a TV movie for NBC. Shot on location in Santa Barbara, the film also stars Shawnee Smith as the daughter and Andy Griffith as the judge who sentences her.

What does David Copperfield have up his sleeve for his next TV special? Only this: a trip through the Great Wall of China. No, not a trip to the Great Wall, not a trip along the Great Wall, but through it. At least, that’s the illusion that the magician plans to create as the climax to his next show, due on CBS in the spring.

NBC has set Oct. 6 and 7 as the telecast dates for its remake of “The Long, Hot Summer.” The four-hour drama, about a drifter who finds trouble in a Mississippi town ruled by a cantankerous older man, stars Jason Robards, Ava Gardner, Don Johnson, Cybill Shepherd and Judith Ivey.

Home Box Office has ordered new episodes of “Philip Marlowe--Private Eye” and “Ray Bradbury Theater.” Powers Boothe, who first starred as Marlowe in a 1983 HBO series, will reprise the role in six new hourlong episodes that will air next year. As for the other show, the pay TV network has commissioned three more half-hour dramatizations of Bradbury’s short stories, which Bradbury himself will adapt.


Briefly Noted: Pat Harrington, who played the building superintendent Schneider on “One Day at a Time,” is a guest star in the Oct. 6 installment of CBS’ “Crazy Like a Fox”. . . . David Glodt, who had been a senior producer for ABC News in New York, has been named chief of ABC’s news bureau in Los Angeles. . . . Martin Mull and Tess Harper star in a “George Burns Comedy Week” episode as a pair of mismatched police informers who are given new identities as a married couple. It’s set to air Oct. 9.

Wayne Rogers has been cast as a high school baseball coach accused of conducting physical examinations of co-eds for a bogus health study, in “One Terrific Guy.” It’s a TV movie being filmed in Atlanta for CBS. Susan Rinell plays the girl who first calls into question the coach’s activities. Mariette Hartley and Laurence Luckinbill portray her parents.