Times Staff Writer

The Dec. 27 Duran Duran-Culture Club concert at Anaheim Stadium, which was to have been broadcast worldwide in a satellite transmission, has been canceled following Duran Duran’s withdrawal, the English rock group’s publicist said Friday.

“The reasoning behind the withdrawal is a failure on the part of TransWorld Concerts (the show’s promoter) to meet its contractual obligations to Duran Duran,” said publicist Burt Miler, reading from a statement. “As such, the band’s management have bowed out, in accordance with the contract. . . .”

TransWorld officials could not be reached for comment.

Miller’s statement continued: "(The members of) Duran Duran were disappointed at the outcome, as they were looking forward to performing together after many months of work on their solo ventures, the Power Station and Arcadia, respectively. In light of what’s transpired, the band will be meeting in the near future to formulate the scheduling of upcoming Duran Duran projects.


“They will take the opportunity created by this void to do something else, but whether that is a performance or going back into the studio or writing songs, that has yet to be seen.”

Anaheim Stadium general manager William Turner confirmed that TransWorld officials never finalized negotiations for use of the stadium.