"A Chorus Line" is all about human aspiration. We took a survey on what's been happening with the dancing folks in the film version since (keep in mind that any plaints of lack of work might be measured against the hefty checks they're said to have received):

Michael Blevins (who plays Mark): "I got to do a McDLT commercial and assistant choreographed 'How to Be a Man' (a kid TV show starring Capt. Kangaroo and Melba Moore). I'm being considered for a Broadway show, but in this business you can't really get excited about anything until it's signed on paper."

Yamil Borges (Morales): "It's very ironic. Here I am with my first major motion picture and I haven't worked since April."

Jan Gan Boyd (Connie): "After the film, I took more acting lessons and starred with Robert Ito and Paul Winfield in an hourlong after-school drama called 'War Between the Classes.' I'm up for three films but . . . you never know."

Cameron English (Paul): "I'm waiting for some meaningful part to come along. Meanwhile, my friend and I are developing a line of hand-painted greeting cards."

Tony Fields (Al): "After completing seven months of intense work filming 'Chorus Line,' I returned to L.A. and hit a severe 'post-partum psychosis,' so to speak. I spent the last year getting a good handle on my life. Now I'm ready for anything."

Nicole Fosse (Kristine): "I danced on Michael Blevins' 'How to Be a Man,' and . . . you know, a little of this and a little of that. Mostly I'm just taking it one step at a time."

Vicki Frederick (Sheila): "Just finished a film, 'Stewardess School.' But right now I'm being a mom for my daughter Amanda. There's nothing definite in the future."

Michelle Johnston (Bebe): "After the film, I assisted choreographer Jeffrey Hornaday on the Disney 3-D film 'Captain Eo,' starring Michael Jackson. I can't honestly say that dancing pays my rent because I live with my parents at Hermosa Beach."

Janet Jones (Judy): "I just finished filming 'American Anthem' with Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord (she co-stars as his love interest). It was very strenuous. I'm taking a break, then a vacation. There are some things in the works but nothing definite."

Pam Klinger (Maggie): "After the shooting, I came to L.A. for a couple of months to try my luck. Now I'm back with the Broadway company doing Maggie again, but I'm still trying to get some film or TV work going in L.A."

Audrey Landers (Val): "My newest album, 'Paradise Generation,' went platinum overseas so I'm continuing with my European concert tours. My sister Judy and I are doing an album that I'm producing and my film 'Texas Heat' comes out next March."

Terrence Mann (Larry): "I went from 'Chorus Line' to 'Cats' to a space/horror film called 'Critters' to a space/roller-skate thing called 'Solar Babies.' I can't complain, because I'm an actor and I'm getting by on my acting."

Charles McGowan (Mike): "I've been looking at a couple of scripts. The best one is Tony Bill's project 'Five Corners.' If I get it, I'll play a villain. Meanwhile, I hope to do some commercials."

Alyson Reed (Cassie): "I did a Japanese commercial, took a long-overdue break, turned down some Broadway shows and refused two scripts. I'd love to work but I'm waiting for the right project."

Justin Ross (Greg): "I'm in the process of adapting my club act into an Off-Broadway piece. Meanwhile, I'm hoping for the best, taking my vitamins, have stopped smoking and am eating well."

Blane Savage (Don): "I appeared in a Toyota industrial film, toured with singer Lynda Carter's revue, am up for some pilots and will accept a good role if you have one for me. Call. . . ."

Matt West (Bobby): "I've been pondering my destiny while working on my house in Connecticut."

Gregg Burge (Richie): Unavailable for comment. He's in the new Broadway hit "Song and Dance."

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