Prop. 13: Arguments on Fairness Continue

County Assessor (Alexander H.) Pope sounds a touch condescending as he characterizes the benefits to the "contented, stay-put kind of family," as though people who put roots down in a community, thereby lending it stability, are getting away with some sort of crime.

Does he forget that young people today come out of school into salaries that very often equal or exceed the earnings of their parents in similar fields at the time of their retirement a few years back?

Does Mr. Pope forget that it was the prudent management of these stay-at-homes that put them and their children into a home that they could financially maintain while bringing up children and continue to sustain into retirement? So long as taxes permit "this minority" to keep their homes, these citizens are not likely to call upon their government for support, nor are they likely to add to the tax burden inflicted by mental or criminal institutions.

Further, cherished family homes will ultimately become part of the child's inheritance.

I wonder if it is so much Proposition 13 that is at fault as are our other economic attitudes--buying trivia on credit, constant eating out, pleasure boats and vehicles, before a home base is established.



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