I've never seen "At the Movies" promoted by KABC, and the shell game they play makes it almost impossible for viewers to know when the heck it actually airs.

If Ebert and Siskel are ever replaced by a couple of bubble-headed blondes displaying large American breasts and half-naked buttocks, you better believe Channel 7 will promote the show to death and we'll all know exactly when it's on.


Studio City

Robb Willis of Newport Beach, Ray E. Butler of Lakewood, Marita Young of Duarte and Eleanor Hoffman of far San Diego also have been in search of the peripatetic "At the Movies." A KABC spokeswoman, who swears the show will be seen this afternoon and next Sunday at 4:30, explained that the folks at Channel 7 really love the show, honest. Part of the scheduling problem was that originally the show was set for the 7 p.m. Saturday slot, but then the California lottery show, "The Big Spin," which was bumped from its Monday night slot by network fare after the regular NFL football season ended, bumped "At the Movies." Never mind. Just stay tuned and watch your listings.

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