All right guys, the cat's out of the bag now.

A few years ago, I formulated a theory and now I believe I have compiled enough facts to go public.

My theory is this: Dennis Hunt does not exist. He is a figment of the other music critics' imagination. I think they got together one day and created Dennis Hunt, Tigerbeat reader and complete Top 40 fan.

My proof: (1) A few years ago, a Barry Manilow album made his year-end top 10 album list; (2) not one of his picks this year was on the critics' top 16 consensus list, and, (3), the real clincher, the appearance of "Party All the Time" on his top 10 singles of 1985 list.

Come on, how much longer do you think you can fool the public? Is it only a coincidence that Hunt is an acronym for He Urgently Needs Taste?



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