The State

A teen-age boy was killed and seven other people wounded when a youth opened fire in the pre-dawn hours at a Stockton convenience store parking lot, police reported. The gun-toting teen-ager escaped after the shooting, described by police as a possible gang attack. More than 30 rounds were fired and David Arrendondo, 16, was killed. The seven other victims "just got in the way," said Sgt. Randy Aight, adding that the parking lot was "a local hangout for kids, a major hangout. The victim was a known member of a gang but we can't verify whether the attacker was but we suspect he is," Aight said. He said the gunman apparently used an automatic weapon. One wounded victim was 65 years old and another, critically wounded, underwent open-heart surgery, Aight said. Six other victims, all in their late teens or early 20s, were hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds but were in stable condition, Aight said.

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