West Covina : Tennant Backs Schabarum

West Covina Mayor Forest Tennant, who traded angry letters with Supervisor Pete Schabarum over waste-to-energy plants in January and hinted he might run against the supervisor, now says he supports Schabarum's reelection.

In a letter to Schabarum, Tennant said: "Neither am I an active candidate for your job, nor have I ever been one." He said, "As you know, I have supported you over the years, and I will continue to do so because you have done a truly outstanding job as a county supervisor."

Tennant, who has fought proposals to build waste-to-energy plants in the San Gabriel Valley, circulated a letter to Schabarum in January accusing him of supporting the construction of garbage-burners and engaging in "a public charade" to conceal his position. Schabarum responded by accusing Tennant of intentionally misrepresenting his position. Schabarum said he has consistently opposed waste-to-energy proposals that would increase air pollution.

Tennant said two months ago that he was looking for a candidate to support against Schabarum and might even run himself as a last resort.

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