It should be apparent by now that the present season at the Ahmanson Theatre is a near-total disaster.

No sooner had the stench of the garbage pile yclept “The Unvarnished Truth” been wafted out of the theater by the faint evanescent odors of the tepid “Foxfire” (which, after all, was a reconstituted production, not a new one), along came the incredibly vile “Legends,” an insult to the two apparently gullible but lovely ladies involved in it.

The prospect of “Picnic,” already done to death by every school and community theater in the U.S.A., is not sufficient to redeem this bleak, bleak, bleak season.

It’s obvious Artistic Director Robert Fryer has lost whatever “touch” he may lay claim ever to have had. Obvious solution: Let him step down from his Ahmanson post, to save face. If he doesn’t, then--FIRE FRYER!

We subscribers cannot take much more.


Los Angeles