Official English Gets Another Vote

The far-sighted vision of Kevin Forbes, the 19-year-old student crusading to make English the official language of the city of San Marino, is most commendable.

Another student, Peggy Fastnow, courageously spoke out last year at San Marino High School, stating that Oriental and white students didn't mingle "because of the language barrier" (Times, June 8, 1985).

Many students of history, including former Sen. S. I. Hayakawa of California and Gov. Richard Lamm of Colorado, are warning that our Southwest could become another Quebec with our current trend toward multilingualism.

Americans have enjoyed the benefits of one unifying language up until now, but that does not mean that Mother Nature has decreed it stay that way.

Our whole nation would benefit if English were proclaimed the official language of our land.

Doris Mies Hunt


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