Glass in Cartons; Ice Cream Recalled

Associated Press

California officials reported Friday that Lucky Stores Inc. is recalling three flavors of Lady Lee ice cream because of glass found in three half-gallon containers.

The state Department of Health Services and Department of Food and Agriculture cautioned consumers not to eat the ice cream and to return it to the stores where purchased.

The flavors are mocha almond fudge, coded April 14 86 B, in round half-gallon containers, and two in square half-gallon containers: peanut butter cup, May 4 86 3, and mint chocolate chip, May 4 86 A.

Lucky Stores said complaints of glass had been received from consumers in Sacramento, San Ramon and Fresno.

Lucky Stores, based in San Leandro, sent similar notices to its 300 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

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