Birthday Cheers: Rhea Perlman took time out...

<i> Compiled by the Fashion86 staff</i>

Birthday Cheers: Rhea Perlman took time out from taping the latest episode of her Thursday-night TV sitcom to call in an order for her baby daughter’s birthday present. Perlman dialed Wanda Fudge at Kids in Costume on Melrose Avenue and ordered an ensemble fit for a Hawaiian tourist--a tropical-print sun dress in Size 3. Fudge tells Listen that, not long after Perlman’s call, she had another baby-birthday request. This one, a pink tutu decorated with pastel satin-ribbon streamers, was a gift for Richard Dreyfuss’ little girl. Fudge says tutus are her best-selling little-girl garment this spring. She explains that her customers want them for street wear, not dancing.

Tyne Daly (a.k.a. Lacey on “Cagney & Lacey”) needed a pair of silver shoes, so she buzzed by the Shoe Store & More in Studio City and, you guessed it, got more than she bargained for. Gail Scanlan of the store tells Listen that Daly came up with a quick silver-shoe solution, then found a pair of black-and-white-polka-dot pumps and a pair of peach-color shoes to add to her purchases. But it seems her last selection was her favorite. It was a pair of flats that look like fish--"open-mouthed bass,” Scanlan says. Daly bought them even though they’re one size too large. Scanlan explains: “She said she had to have them because her zodiac sign is Pisces.”

Rambo had his headbands. Rocky had his patriotic boxer shorts. And if fads are built on Sylvester Stallone’s latest costume, expect a rush on faded jeans, dark overcoats and boots. New photos from our mail basket show these urban-tough duds are Stallone’s favored costume in the new film “Cobra,” to be released May 22. Sly’s street-cop character also makes a habit of chomping on matches. No fashion statement there.

Rae Dawn Chong says she feels “like a princess” in them. And she isn’t the only one to have recently discovered the ancient-Mediterranean-style jewelry of Luna Felix, on display this month at Tops in Malibu. Tops owner Judy Walker says since she first introduced the jewelry six months ago, the locals--from Joni Mitchell to Linda Ronstadt--have “gone crazy” for the 22-karat gold pieces studded with exotic stones, such as violet sapphires and green diamonds. Walker says the Moroccan-born, Greenwich Village-based Felix’s jewels have always been popular “with the Wall Street crowd,” but along the Pacific Coast Highway she explains the phenomenon this way: “One person wears a piece and the next person has to have it.”


Designer Jhane Barnes apparently knows what Don Johnson likes. Barnes nicknamed a gray-and-white, cotton-and-linen spring sport coat the “Miami Vice” jacket. Recently, Barnes’ marketing director Jim Saulton got a call from Burdine’s Department Store in Coconut Grove, Fla., saying the “Miami Vice” star had come in and purchased the same jacket plus a pair of coordinated white pants by Barnes to go with it. Johnson wanted to special-order an extra pair of the pants. “We were all sold out of them, so I had to send him the pair I’d set aside for myself,” Saulton says. For those seeking the “Vice” look, Saulton says both Jerry Magnin and Robinson’s in Beverly Hills ordered the same jacket this season.

We spotted the one and only Jackie Onassis putting her best foot forward at Manolo Blahnik’s shoe salon in New York, trying on spring looks. Though Mrs. Onassis no longer has Secret Service men following her, there are those who still feel protective toward her. When Listen asked the shop’s owner, George Malkemus, what Jackie bought, he would only say: “Some shoes.” Blahnik’s designs are also sold at Neiman-Marcus and Giorgio in Beverly Hills.

From the What Ever Happened to That One File: Laraine Newman, the erstwhile regular on the original “Saturday Night Live” show, was recently seen on Melrose Avenue, shopping at the Grau boutique. Lynn Wendel of the store tells Listen that Newman went into Grau wearing one black silk shirt and went out wearing two Grau-designed, Guatemala-print jackets, one over the other. About Newman’s comings and goings these days, Wendel could only say the actress is slimmer than ever, and beyond that: “I had to chase her down the street after she left the store. She forgot her shirt.”

Some babies are born with silver spoons, some with silver threads. Alexander Julian and his wife, Lynn, just sent Listen an announcement of the birth of their daughter, Marissa Claire, who made her debut on Dec. 27. The pink bordered Tiffany announcements are decorated with a pink-striped bow made of fabric from Julian’s men’s shirting collection. Julian tells Listen that Marissa will soon have a one-of-a-kind wardrobe by dad. He’s currently having tiny summer dresses of yard-dyed linen, some with hand-painted trim by him, made up at his factories in Italy.

More baby talk: Listen dined with designer Oscar de la Renta at a fete given by the Dallas Market Center last weekend after Oscar showed his Miss O collection to buyers there. We asked him about the new addition to his life, the 2-year-old baby, Moses, he recently adopted from an orphanage in his home town of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. “I just spent a week with him,” a tanned Oscar said. “He’s also going to spend the summer with me.” One dinner guest asked if Moses bears Oscar’s last name. “Of course! If you don’t give children your name, you haven’t really adopted them,” he replied, sounding even more familial when he added that he is looking for a new apartment in New York. “The one I have has only one bedroom,” he explained.

Out of Isak: New York designer Mary McFadden revealed to Listen that her mentor was Isak Dinesen, the author Meryl Streep portrays in the multi-Oscar-winning film of Dinesen’s classic, “Out of Africa.” McFadden, who was a journalist in Africa before becoming a fashion designer, recalls hearing Dinesen speak at Columbia University when McFadden was a student there. “It was just like in the film. She started her first sentence and then told her tales. She talked for hours. She painted pictures with words. I modeled my life after her.”