For Peete’s Sake, He Did It the Hard Way

As an avid reader of the Los Angeles Times for many years and a devoted golf player, I look forward to reading your description of the golf tournaments and the winners on Mondays. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that winning and doing it the hard way is not enough.

What, short of a new paint job, does Calvin Peete have to accomplish to get the same coverage in The Times (picture and several page coverage) as the senior citizens, South Africans, Germans, Australians and white would-be or has-been winners who have not compiled a record that can remotely be compared to Peete’s?

In view of the fact that Peete overcame all types of obstacles to play golf and then excelled and went to the very top, you should be displaying his picture on every opportunity under the guise of the American Dream. After all, black Americans dream also.

Peete is a good role model for all children, especially minorities, because he got his the old-fashioned way.