U.S. Raid on Libya and ‘Spiral of Violence’

The people of Libya woke to the sound, and feel, of American missiles. What a nightmare! The Russians have called off any future talks with us, and called our act of war “criminal.” We called it necessary.

President Reagan appeared before the American people, in his most familiar form, a face on the TV. We are used to seeing him there, and we believe, just like a show, there will be a happy ending. We are somewhat unaffected by all that has happened. We watched his speech, gave our opinions to each other, then returned to our regular programming. How easily we turn off war.

I fear the Libyan people do not turn it off so easily. President Reagan said, “We have used up all other options.” Have we? Dropping bombs seems like a drastic measure, and a long way from an economic blockade that barely had a chance. But we listened and agreed with our President. He talks tough, like Rambo! Yeah, let’s kick ass! Have we really come to this? Are we really living this bad movie? And, are we so naive to think there will be a winner and a loser?

Death takes no sides. War is wrong, and there are only losers when it’s over. Losers of life, losers of family and friends, losers of all that we love. War has no winners!


But Reagan said that we won’t be pushed around by anyone, and all the Americans cheered! I cried. I cried while they cheered for death and destruction. They cheered for Reagan. Hail to the Chief, John Wayne lives!