Norwalk : Streng to Succeed Gibbs

The City Council, which had planned to name Richard Streng as interim city administrator, unanimously decided Saturday to give Streng the city's top appointed position on a permanent basis.

Streng, 54, has worked with the city for 28 years and was assistant city administrator from 1970 to 1984. He has served the city twice in the past as interim city administrator, in 1973, and for five months before Ray Gibbs was appointed to the job in February, 1984. Gibbs resigned last week after determining that he was on the short end of a 3-2 council vote over whether he would be retained.

From 1984 until last week, Streng served as special assistant to Gibbs and was paid $53,900 a year. As city administrator, his pay will be boosted to the $63,120 earned by Gibbs, council members said.

Mayor Pro Tem Peg Nelson said Streng was a "very logical choice" for the job. Nelson cited Streng's years of service to the city and his familiarity with employees and residents.

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