Proposition 43: Parks Bond Issue

Being an active person, growing up in the outdoors, I have developed an appreciation for the parks and recreational facilities, and agree with your push for voting Yes on Proposition 13. I have enjoyed the use of the Los Angeles parks many times and know that many others have also. It would be hard to believe if someone living in Los Angeles said that they never have used the local or regional parks, the recreational areas, beaches or historical resources that are available in Los Angeles. These recreational facilities are used by everyone. People are constantly enjoying the beauty of the parks, and the people that live in Los Angeles deserve to have these facilities in the best of condition.

Although I agree with you for voting Yes on Proposition 43, I disagree with you on one point. In your editorial you said, “Unfortunately, the new bond money cannot bring back the staff members who were laid off after Proposition 13.” Unfortunate for those who were laid off, yes, but not that the money is being spent on the improvement of our parks. I think that it is good that money is being set aside for the sole purpose of rejuvenating the “recreational treasures.”

It is sad to see our beautiful recreational facilities fall apart because of lack of funds, but it is good to hear that help is on its way. I am voting Yes for Proposition 43 on June 3, and I hope that all those people who use the parks will too.