London Bakers a Bit Tardy in Apologizing for Fire--320 Years

Associated Press

London’s bakers apologized to the mayor today for setting fire to the city.

The Great Fire of London happened in 1666, but in a country that not only treasures its history but often seems to be living in it, what’s a mere 320 years?

So the members of the Worshipful Company of Bakers gathered in Pudding Lane at the place where the fire began. Watched by a small crowd of dignitaries and bemused bystanders, the bakers formally acknowledged what Londoners have known for some time: that the fire was started by Thomas Faryner, the king’s baker, who failed to douse his oven before turning in on Saturday night, Sept. 1, 1666.

Master Baker John Copeman presented the Lord Mayor of London, Allen Davis, with a scroll written by the bakers “as an acknowledgement of their regret for the great damage caused by one of their number.”


Davis said: “It’s never too late to apologize.”