La Habra : City Would Change to November for Elections

Hoping to increase voter turnout, the City Council has decided to hold its city elections in November to coincide with the general elections.

The move, which still needs formal approval from the county Board of Supervisors, has increased voter turnout in several other county cities that have consolidated elections, said City Clerk Katherine Adams. In last April's local election, only 14% of La Habra's eligible voters showed up to vote.

The goal of a higher turnout "was the main reason" for the change, but Adams said the city also will save money by consolidating elections. La Habra will pay only $3,700 for voter registrar services, which ran to about $18,000 in the April election.

"We'll avoid a lot of duplication" of services, she said.

The new election date will first take effect in November, 1988, expanding the current City Council's term by seven months, Adams said. Councilman Douglas Bystry voted against the move and Councilwoman Dorothy Wedel abstained in the 3-1 decision.

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