Miller Says He Will Pursue Appeal of Espionage Conviction: 'I Shall Return'

Despite a sentence of two life prison terms for espionage, former FBI Agent Richard W. Miller predicts that he will eventually be back in Los Angeles federal court for a third spy trial.

Borrowing the words of the late Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Miller said in a letter obtained by The Times on Wednesday that he hopes to successfully appeal his conviction on charges of passing secret FBI documents to the Soviet Union.

"The case is not over," Miller wrote. "Only a few battles lost; the war goes on. I'm far from being a General MacArthur, but 'I shall return.' "

Miller, 49, who also received an additional 50-year sentence from U.S. District Judge David V. Kenyon on Monday, will be eligible for parole consideration in about 16 years.

Confined at Terminal Island federal prison since his arrest Oct. 2, 1984, Miller is scheduled to be transfered to another location in the next few weeks, possibly outside California.

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