A.E. Meyerhoff; Ad Executive, Entrepreneur

Arthur E. Meyerhoff, advertising executive, entrepreneur and author, died at his home in Rancho Santa Fe on Friday. He was 91.

Meyerhoff was founding chairman of Chicago-based BBDO, the second-largest advertising agency in the country, and was closely associated with its largest account, the William Wrigley Jr. Co. He was a director of the Santa Catalina Island Co. and the Chicago Cubs for more than 30 years.

In 1951, he founded Myzon Inc. to produce and market the first antibiotic feed supplements for livestock and poultry. He also founded Gibraltar Industries and introduced PAM cooking spray.

In his book “The Strategy of Persuasion,” published in 1965, Meyerhoff proposed that the United States use its advertising talents to sell democracy abroad. He received numerous awards for his proposals, most notably the George Washington Honor Medal of the Freedoms Foundation.


A Rancho Santa Fe resident since 1964, Meyerhoff owned the J. M. Training Stables at Ranchito Alegre. He was a founding director and honorary lifetime member of the National Horse Show Registry.

He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Elaine; five children and nine grandchildren. Memorial services will be held at the Village Presbyterian Church in Rancho Santa Fe on Wednesday.