Mission Viejo and Cityhood

Re Mission Viejo article Aug. 15:

Your reporter obviously got all his information from the Mission Viejo Incorporation Feasibility Study Committee. The slant tilts too far toward cityhood, as the article indicates.

The touted largesses of Orange County would have Mission Viejo drenched with money. No mention of capital expenditures a new city must face. As I have asked many times, without an answer, who pays for new buildings, salaries for the mayor, city manager and council, and all that private interest groups will clamor for?

Being in opposition to cityhood (as many are) because of a great need for additional revenue in the future, I plead with the committee to go to the taxpayers and voters as a first step.


If not, I accuse the committee of selfish political motives. With one high on the list of first mayor, and others with the aroma of council in their nostrils, what else can they do? The fringe, of course, will have a few plums as their reward for loyal service to the study committee.


Mission Viejo