Drugs, Toxics, Crime, Judges Top Concerns in State Poll

Associated Press

Four issues that have drawn extensive media attention--drugs, toxic waste, crime and judges--are the areas Californians are most concerned about, according to a California Poll released today.

But the poll, which sampled concern on 26 issues, found Californians were least concerned about other headline-grabbing issues, including transportation, U.S. policy toward South Africa and the U.S. policy toward Israel.

Illegal drug use topped the list, with 77% of the poll’s sampling saying they were extremely concerned. Five percent of the sampling said they were not concerned and 18% was somewhat concerned.

Toxic waste was one point behind with 76% extremely concerned, but only 3% said they were not concerned. Another 20% was somewhat concerned and the remainder had no opinion.


Crime and law enforcement placed third, with 73% extremely concerned, 25% somewhat concerned and only 2% unconcerned. The idea of appointing good judges to high courts was fourth with 72% extremely concerned, 25% somewhat concerned and 3% not concerned.