Weaver Hoping to Take Gamble Out of Golf Game


Earl Weaver, planning to retire for the second time as manager of the Baltimore Orioles, said his No. 1 priority now is getting his golf game back in order.

An eight-handicapper at one time, Weaver was a familiar figure on the Florida links as he tried to augment his income. Yes, he plays for money.

“You look for guys without suntans,” Weaver told Gordon Beard of the Associated Press. “When the ‘snowbirds’ hit down there, the vultures are all over them. You can’t wait for your good buddies from up north to get there.”


Weaver said he was an easy mark himself last fall, since his return to manage the Orioles had left him without time to practice.

“I must have lost $1,500 last October,” Weaver said. “And it took me until December to get it back.”

Chi Chi Rodriguez, on his punctuality: “I’ve learned to be on time for everything I do because the only three jobs I’ve had require you to be there on time. I was a caddie, in the Army and a golfer.”

For What It’s Worth: The Dallas Cowboys Weekly noted that Robert Lavette, displaced as Tony Dorsett’s backup by Herschel Walker, outgained Walker in their last meeting in college. In 1982, Lavette of Georgia Tech gained 203 yards to 162 yards for Walker of Georgia. Georgia won, 38-18.

The publication didn’t mention that in 1981, Walker gained 225 yards to 47 yards for Lavette. Georgia won, 44-7.

Says Lavette: “They always tried to compare Herschel and me as runners. I was always short in comparison because he’s a power runner and I’m a finesse kind of a guy.”


Trivia Time: Why are the four American League batting titles won by Harry Heilmann of the Detroit Tigers considered an oddity? (Answer below.)

New York Mets outfielder Kevin Mitchell grew up in a mean section of San Diego, where he settled more than one dispute with his fists, but he said he is mellowing.

“Besides, you have to stay low-key in New York,” he told Patrick Reuss of the St. Paul Dispatch. “A person might think he’s tough. You find out in a hurry you’re not as tough as this city.

“I can’t wait for the World Series to be over. I’m going to be on the first plane back to California. Compared to this, where I come from is peaceful.”

How good is Ron Harper, the 6-6 swingman from Miami (Ohio) who was drafted No. 1 by the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Cleveland State Coach Kevin Mackey, after coaching Harper in an all-star game that included Robert Reid and Rodney McCray of the Houston Rockets, told the Akron Beacon Journal: “This kid is going to be the next great one. Write down the names of Julius Erving, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. Then write down Ron Harper. He is the next one in that line of super athletes.


“Harper had 45 points and he got them everywhere--outside, inside, dunks, drives, you name it. He just soared over guys. It was amazing.”

Trivia Answer: He won all four titles in odd-numbered years. He batted .394 in 1921, .403 in 1923, .393 in 1925 and .398 in 1927.


Michigan football Coach Bo Schembechler, on losing 20 pounds since last season: “I lost weight through dedication, hard work and perseverance. Also, there was a big bet involved.”