‘Moonlighting’ Makes Light of 15 Emmy Losses : Mom Goes to Her Reward but TV Show Didn’t

From Associated Press

What did it cost “Moonlighting” to lose on all but one of its 16 Emmy nominations? Only the mother of character David Addison, if you believe the scriptwriters.

The ABC-TV show’s only victory at the Sunday night Emmy awards was for editing. With typical verve, the producers hastily shot a new opening to acknowledge the near shutout.

The show opened Tuesday night with Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes and Bruce Willis as Addison greeting viewers. Superimposed over the scene: “Filmed prior to the 1986 Emmy Awards.”


The telephone rings, Maddie answers, and says: “David! It’s your mother!”

“Hi, Mom,” says David. “Gosh, it’s just great to hear your voice. Huh? No, it’s just hard to hear you with that iron lung working. How are you feeling? You going to make it? Only a week and a half to the Emmys. (Pause) Of course we’re going to win. How could we not win? Sixteen nominations.”

Mrs. Addison’s doctor then takes the telephone for a chat with David.

“Hi, Doc. Really? You think with some encouragement she might be able to pull through? I know. I’m really excited by the whole thing too. Don’t worry, Doc. Sixteen nominations. There’s no way we can lose.”

The program then cuts to a black screen: “This program dedicated to the memory of Irma Addison, November 2, 1922--September 21, 1986.”