Name Was Suspect : Daniloff Dog Stays Behind

United Press International

Nicholas Daniloff, his wife and his children are all safely out of the Soviet Union, but one member of the family is still detained in Moscow--Zeus the dog.

Zeus, an 8-year-old white-and-brown terrier, has to stay behind at a Soviet friend’s apartment until the necessary veterinary papers are completed.

“He was Nick’s most frequent companion in his Lenin Hills walks,” said Jeffrey Trimble, Daniloff’s successor at U.S. News & World Report.

It was in those hills that Daniloff was seized by the Soviet secret police Aug. 30 and accused of spying.


The departure of the dog, expected soon, should end any lingering Soviet suspicions that Zeus might be a secret code word.

When Daniloff was allowed to make a phone call home from jail, he inquired innocently if there was any interesting news since his arrest eight days before.

“Zeus has fleas,” came the answer. The telephone line was immediately cut.