Let's See, Was It Indianapolis, Md., or Baltimore, Ind.?

Referee Ben Dreith is one of the more entertaining officials in the NFL when he turns on his microphone and explains penalties to the crowd.

A week ago, Dreith drew more than a few chuckles when he described a personal foul by saying: "He was down there giving the quarterback the business after the play."

However, Dreith was booed by 53,000 fans Sunday at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis when he said: "Timeout, Baltimore."

As the crowd booed, Dreith and his fellow officials smiled about the mistake. When the boos died down, Dreith announced: "Sorry, it was timeout, Indianapolis."

Indianapolis Coach Rod Dowhower waved his arms at Dreith in the signal normally used to indicate a penalty is declined.

"I've done the same thing in a preseason game with the Raiders, when they moved down to L.A.," Dreith said. "To me, they are still the Oakland Raiders."

And, obviously, the Baltimore Colts.

Trivia Time: Which active player holds the career record for runs batted in for league championship series? Answer below.

Don Baylor was almost speechless after the Boston Red Sox beat the Angels in that dramatic playoff game Sunday at Anaheim.

No, Baylor hasn't joined the growing list of athletes who aren't talking to the press, but he could barely talk.

Baylor explained that he lost his voice screaming after Dave Henderson homered to save the Red Sox from certain defeat with two out in the ninth inning.

That's one loss he could handle.

Linebacker Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants saw Indiana basketball Coach Bobby Knight in the locker room before Sunday's game with the Philadelphia Eagles and shouted, "Hey, there's the chair-thrower."

Knight glared at Taylor and responded: "Never mind that chair-throwing stuff. Just go out there and cover somebody."

Guard Mike Utley of Washington State added insult to injury after the Cougars trounced USC, 34-14, Saturday at Pullman, Wash.

Utley told the Spokesman-Review Spokane Chronicle: "Oregon State's defensive linemen were much tougher than these guys were. Oregon State's guys play with their hearts, like our guys do. USC guys, they just play with their name. They didn't show up to play. They came up here for a field trip."

Add WSU: John Blanchette, a columnist for the Spokane paper, also took a shot at USC when he wrote that since Washington State had 510 yards in total offense the "USC defense may have trouble shooing pigeons away from the statue of Tommy Trojan."

Trivia Answer: Steve Garvey has 21 RBIs in five playoff series with the Dodgers and San Diego Padres.


Linebacker Harry Carson of the New York Giants after catching a touchdown pass Sunday on a fake field goal: "Right into my hands of stone. I said to myself, 'Don't blow it.' "

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