My, Oh, Meyers, Lasorda Has Met His Match

Tom Lasorda, working on his waistline, decided to try a little basketball at Vero Beach, Fla., where the Dodgers are holding their annual adult baseball camp.

In a game of one-on-one, Lasorda took on former UCLA All-American Ann Meyers, recent bride of Hall of Fame pitcher Don Drysdale. Meyers won, 11-0.

"She cleaned my clock," Lasorda told USA Today.

Just Asking: Did Notre Dame hire the wrong coach from Minnesota? Lou Holtz, the man they hired, is 4-5 after Saturday's loss to Penn State. John Gutekunst, the former Minnesota assistant who took over from Holtz, is 6-4 after Saturday's 20-17 win over Michigan, a team that beat Notre Dame.

Former Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Pat Williams, who is trying to land an NBA franchise for Orlando, Fla., said of Miami, which also is bidding for a franchise: "In Miami, there are three ways of paying for things: cash, credit card or, 'Stick 'em up.' "

Said CBS analyst Joe Theismann, when asked about his recovery from the compound leg fracture that ended his football career: "How am I? I'm fine. I lean one way, and I'm 5-11. I lean another way, and I'm 6-0."

Trivia Time: In 1975, Oklahoma was voted No. 1 in college football by both wire services, but The Sporting News voted for the team that beat Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl. Who was it? (Answer below.)

Said Martina Navratilova, when asked if she had ever given any tips to 16-year-old Gabriela Sabatini, her victim in the Chicago Virginia Slims tournament Friday: "Mike Ditka doesn't tell Tom Landry how to beat the Bears."

Washington Bullets Coach Kevin Loughery, who coached Michael Jordan at Chicago and Julius Erving with the New York Nets in the ABA, told Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post: "The Nets had role players like Chicago has--Kim Hughes at center, Rich Jones at forward. Doc carried that team. Michael's a lot like Doc. He's unselfish like Doc. And Michael's an unbelievable competitor. Doesn't matter what you're playing, if you're pitching pennies with him, he'll do anything to win. Doc was the same way.

"If he stays healthy, Michael might be the best 6-5 player of all time. And that's a heavy statement, considering Oscar Robertson once averaged a triple-double for a full season."

The National Sports Review asked 100 top athletes what athlete they admired the most in another sport. The winner was Larry Bird with 22 votes. Second was Jack Nicklaus with 19.

Among those who voted for Bird were Wayne Gretzky, Walter Payton, Howie Long, Mike Singletary and Pat Bradley.

Bird, incidentally, voted for Gretzky.

Said San Francisco 49ers Coach Bill Walsh, when asked if he thought that wide receiver Jerry Rice was a budding superstar: "I think he's a superstar already. He's as good as any player who's ever been with the 49ers."

From Indianapolis Colts Coach Rod Dowhower, claiming the team is not as bad as its 0-10 record: "We've had our moments. We haven't completely fallen on our faces. I think people take us seriously, but then again, you never know."

Trivia Answer: Arizona State. The Sun Devils, coached by Frank Kush, defeated Nebraska, 17-14, to wind up as the only major team with a perfect record.


Utah Jazz Coach Frank Layden, on why computers are smarter than people: "Not once have I ever seen a computer jogging."

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