From the Associated Press

British productions have won three of the five International Emmys, with the satirical puppets of “Spitting Image” repeating as winners.

“Shadowlands,” a BBC co-production with Gateway Films and the Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation, won the International Emmy for drama. “Chasing a Rainbow: The Life of Josephine Baker,” produced by Britain’s Channel Four, was the winning documentary.

Two of the winners have been seen on U.S. television. “Spitting Image” was seen on NBC earlier this year, while “Shadowlands,” which tells of the marriage of British religious writer C. S. Lewis, was seen on public television.

There were 159 entries from 24 countries for the 14th International Emmy Awards, just short of last year’s record number of entries. The awards were presented in ceremonies Monday night by the International Council of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The International Emmy for performing arts went to “Bejart’s Kabuki Ballet” produced by Japan Broadcasting Corp. The program recorded the choreography of Maurice Bejart for the Tokyo Ballet.


“The Kids of Debrassi Street: Griff Gets a Hand,” produced by Playing With Time Inc. in association with Canadian Broadcasting Corp., was honored in the children’s category.

Herbert Schmertz, vice president of Mobil Oil Corp. and the company’s public affairs director, received the Directorate Award in recognition of his work in developing public television’s “Masterpiece Theatre.”

Donald L. Taffner, president of D. L. Taffner Ltd. of New York, received the Founders Award for his work in bringing foreign programs to the United States, and in adapting the hit series “Three’s Company” and “Too Close for Comfort” from British shows.