There's always a buzz about Don Johnson's post-"Miami Vice" big-screen plans. Most recently, the assurance from his press rep that Johnson "definitely" will do a feature during the series' hiatus. ("But we can't announce the title, yet.") For those who just can't wait, there's always the animated "G.I. Joe the Movie"--featuring the voice of Don Johnson as Lt. Falcon.

The younger brother of "Duke," a pivotal member of the G.I. Joe special forces unit, Falcon is a "bad boy" who must "prove to his brother, and the world, that he can be a good guy." This, according to a rep for the film (from Sunbow Productions). "Falcon joins the unit to prove himself. It's the perfect Don Johnson character."

Says Sunbow, "Joe" will be seen sometime in the spring, either as a miniseries or a feature.

In case you're wondering, this is no skeleton that's been pulled from Johnson's closet. He recorded his part in March.

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