Salvador Dali, Meryl Secrest (Dutton), uses “evidence...

Salvador Dali, Meryl Secrest (Dutton), uses “evidence derived from his art to help to demystify the enigma of the man.” A “penetrating, well-researched and finally moving study” (Robert Short).

Matisse: The Man and His Art, 1869-1918, Jack Flam (Cornell University), “vividly depicts Matisse’s struggle to reconcile within himself the disciplined, assiduous worker . . . and the instinctive visionary” (Richard Eder).

The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture, Walter L. Williams (Beacon). The author “develops a persuasive interpretation of the diverse historical and ethnographic sources on the American Indian berdache . . . a very readable book for anyone with an interest in gender and sexuality” (Jane Monnig Atkinson).

Fools Crow, James Welch (Viking). “A novel that plunges the reader with startling abruptness wholly into an Indian world, a world in which reality is idyllic and bitter, hard-edged and magical” (Louis D. Owens).