El Cajon


A judge ordered an El Cajon woman Monday to stand trial on 55 sex-related charges stemming from the alleged molestation of four teen-age girls and two teen-age boys.

San Diego Municipal Court Judge Raymond Edwards Jr. bound Lori Elizabeth Bartz, 24, over to Superior Court. The judge dismissed six child molestation counts against Bartz because of insufficient evidence involving one 14-year-old girl.

Edwards also ordered co-defendant Robert Wilkins, 37, of El Cajon, to stand trial on six child molestation charges.


Bartz’s attorney, Carol Brawley, argued for dismissal of more molestation counts. She maintained that charges involving Bartz giving three “hickeys” to the 14-year-old boy were “horseplay.”

“They were just teasing and horsing around,” Brawley said, adding that the hickeys on the boy’s neck were made at a pool with other children around. The judge responded that he didn’t consider the activities “horseplay” because the boy was a minor and Bartz an adult.

The witnesses said the molestation occurred in Lakeside, where she lived in two apartment complexes in 1984, at schools, and at a roller rink.

A few girls testified that Bartz threatened them with injury if they reported being molested.

Her arraignment was scheduled for Jan. 27. Edwards ordered bail to remain at $405,000 for Bartz and $250,000 for Wilkins.