Pat Quinn Walks, Reads and Waits; Ziegler’s Decision Is Expected Soon


The waiting game continues for exiled King Coach Pat Quinn, who has been filling his idle hours walking his dogs and reading.

Quinn was expelled from the NHL Jan. 9, pending an investigation of conflict-of-interest allegations centering on his signing a contract Dec. 24 to become the president and general manager of the Vancouver Canucks next season. Since then, Quinn has not been allowed to contact anyone in hockey.

Quinn believes that NHL President John Ziegler will hand down a decision today or Thursday. Ziegler has had investigator Gilbert Stein’s report for more than a week.


“There is some indication that it’s going to be in the middle of this week,” Quinn said from his Laguna Hills home. “My guess is that they’re still mulling it over. I think there are some other matters they want to get out of the way first.”

Quinn said two weeks ago that he was weary of waiting. Now, he’s beyond being impatient.

“I’m completely frustrated,” Quinn said. “This has been a difficult time. I’ve spent 25 years in the business, with what has been a reputation for honesty and integrity. It’s been smeared quite badly.”

It is not known what measures, if any, the league may take. There is no precedent for this situation, and the NHL’s bylaws are confidential.

Quinn hinted that he would consider legal action if the ruling is unsatisfactory to him.

“If it’s not an order (that) I can live with, knowing all the circumstances, then it’s not going to lie there,” he said. “I’ll pursue it, first through the administrative process of an appeal.”

Morris Chucas, Quinn’s attorney, said Tuesday that a lawsuit would be the last resort.

“I don’t want Pat to be forever involved in litigation, that is not my purpose,” Chucas said. “My purpose is to get Pat back to work and his named cleared. I’m not looking to make a million dollars.”

Asked what he thought Ziegler might decide, Chucas said: “Nothing he’ll do will surprise me.”