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Since 20-year-old Mike Tyson won the World Boxing Council’s heavyweight title Nov. 22--the youngest heavyweight champ ever--he’s been pummelled with media offers. So he’s signed up with the marketing firm of Ohlmeyer Communications, where a spokesman tells us a “selective and smart” strategy’s in effect that will limit Tyson’s deals to a limited number of “quality sponsors.”

Nothing will be finalized until after Tyson’s unification bout March 7 with World Boxing Assn. titlist James (Bonecrusher) Smith, according to the spokesman. But here’s what to expect--and not expect:

Ohlmeyer doesn’t plan much image-grooming but wants commercials “that will portray Mike as he should be. He won’t be tutored in areas that he shouldn’t be involved in.”


Tyson’s managers, Jimmy Jacobs and Bill Caydon, have already KO’d tobacco and other spots deemed unsavory for tykes, confirmed interest from Coke and Pepsi and welcome inquiries from electronic and athletic equipment firms.

Other prospects: A picture book spanning Tyson’s career, a TV movie (“We have offers from three of the biggest studios in the business,” Caydon claimed) and a videotape comparing Tyson’s boxing style to those of famous former champions, using footage from Jacobs’ library of fight films.

And Tyson’s already set--as himself--for a “Webster” episode to air Feb. 27. The fighter won’t be bothering with acting lessons, said Caydon, since the director told him that Tyson’s performance was “nothing short of brilliant.”